Two Students Mugged at Lynchburg College

Lynchburg, Va- Two Lynchburg College students had a scare after they were mugged on campus.

On Monday, the school says four men tried to rob the students, even pulling out a gun. Now the search is on to find who is responsible.

Vice President John Eccles sent out an email on Wednesday afternoon alerting students of the incident. It gave details of the mugging as well as safety reminders and instructions on what to do if you have any details about the incident.

According to the Campus Safety email, the mugging on College Drive started when four men in a dark blue Dodge Avenger asked two students where some parties were on campus. The students didn't know, and the vehicle drove off. When the students got to the parking lot by Bullard Town Homes, the vehicle stopped. Two men got out, grabbed them, and started punching. The release says one pulled a handgun and asked for money. The student showed his empty wallet and the guys took off.

A student says, "Just gotta watch out for people that come on campus and try to take advantage of the students on campus."

Shameka Ferrell is the Vice President of Student Government at Lynchburg College.

She says incidents like this happen more often than you think.

"I think incidents like this happen a lot because of parties on the weekend. There are different people that don't go here that do just walk in and there's no one at the party that's asking to see an id or anything."

Many students say there is usually nothing to fear.

"I usually feel safe because security is always patrolling around and the lights are always on in our campus."

The students described one assailant as a black man standing 5'9, weighing 150 lbs with a buzz cut and the other as a black man standing 6', of medium build with shoulder length dreadlocks.

Lynchburg Police will continue to look into the mugging.

If you have any information, you can contact Crimestoppers.

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