Two Scams Target Senior Citizens in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - If you are a senior citizen, there are two different scammers targeting Virginians we want you to know about. Both scams involve Medicare fraud, even stealing social security numbers.

One scam claims to be a Medicare provider ready to mail you a new Medicare card. The second is a robocall telling seniors they could qualify for a free Life Alert. Both scammers claim to need your private information first.

One senior in our area has reported getting scammed. Now, medicare counselors want seniors on guard.

"It's terrible, it's terrible. And so that's why we are trying to get the information out there early before there are too many calls out there, so that Central Virginia will be ready and waiting for these people," said Betty Brickhouse, Medicare counselor, CVAAA.

If you feel you got scammed, call the fraud line for the Virginia Senior Medicare Patrol at 1-800-633-4227. You can also call the Central Virginia Area Agency on Aging, CVAAA, at 434-385-9070.