Two Pitbulls Shot and Killed After Attacking Beagle in Amherst Co.

Satchel recovering

Amherst Co., VA - An Amherst County community is a bit rattled after a shooting Monday night. Sheriff Jimmy Ayers says one of his deputies shot two Pitbulls dead around 9:30 p.m. as they were attacking a Beagle.

It happened on 7th Street in Madison Heights.

"His whole cheek is ripped. It's just hanging. He's got gashes under his neck," Owner Megan Branham said.

Satchel, 8, is recovering after being attacked in his own yard.

"I thought he was going to die. I remember screaming, 'They're killing him, they're ripping him to pieces,'" Branham said.

Branham says she ran outside to find one pitbull attacking her dog, and the other guarding the scene so she could not come close.

"The pitbull was on top of my dog, my dog was on his back yelping," Branham said. "The dog was literally latched on to his face just shaking back and forth and tearing him apart."

She says she did everything she could to get the dogs to move.

"I tried to hit them with my car, I laid on the horn trying to get them off," Branham said.

That is when she says she called 911.

"He used his blue lights, siren, horn, everything he could to try to see if it would distract them to get them off, nothing would, they continued to maul," Ayres said.

The deputy shot and killed both pitbulls.

"They were actively killing that beagle, and he had no other choice," Ayres said.

Satchel spent the night at a local emergency clinic before being moved to Monelison Animal Clinic. Veterinarians are hopeful he will make a full recovery.

"I think satchel will pull out and be just fine in two or three days and we can put the tissue back particularly the torn lip. The puncture wounds, it's kind of a wait and see on tissue destruction, but right now, everything is looking decent," Dr. Charles Budzyn with the Monelison Animal Clinic said.

Ayers says charges are pending against the owners of the Pitbulls. According to Amherst County's code, it is a violation to allow Pitbulls to run at large.

Click here to view the Amherst County Code of Ordinances