Two Natural Gas Pipeline Projects Set to Run Through Southside

Pittsylvania Co., VA - According to Williams Transco, their newly proposed 100 mile pipeline could be a game changer for Pittsylvania County and surrounding areas.

The company is hoping to extend the pipeline from the existing Transco Station in Chatham through Halifax and Mecklenburg counties, ending in Brunswick County at the planned site of a Dominion Power plant.

Williams expects the expansion to bring around $97 million dollars into Pittsylvania County between now and the end of 2015, and about one thousand temporary jobs.

A second 330 mile pipeline is also in the works to extend from West Virginia to that same Chatham station thanks to a partnership between Pennsylvania based EQT and NextEra Energy.

Some environmental groups in West Virginia have opposed the project, saying air and water toxins created by the construction will pollute the environment and cause health effects, but residents here say natural gas is a clean energy option that will help eliminate our dependence on imported resources.

"Anytime we can use natural gas, energy produced here in the United States, that's less energy and oil we have to get from foreign countries and it brings the gas price at the pumps down, " said county resident Aubrey Myers.

One concern is the use of blasting during the pipeline's construction, but a federal report released on the Transco project, says no blasting is anticipated in that expansion.