UPDATE: Two Men Convicted in Henry Co. Store Clerk's Murder Sentenced

Domonique Hylton

Update:Henry Co., VA - BG's Express 2 owner JJ Bains says he never got over the fateful night when his childhood friend Nirmal Singh was murdered. With another close friend translating, Bains described the victim as a kind man who never mistreated anyone.

"They used to sit together, make tea, and about his childhood stuff to each other, " said Muhammed Vasar.That came to an end when police say Montreal Kent, Domonique Hylton, and Steven Porter came in to rob the store May 2282010, shooting Singh and injuring another man.Steven Porter accepted a plea in 2011 and agreed to work with prosecutors to implicate the others involved. Kent will spend 14 years behind bars; Hylton will serve 18. Bains says that just isn't enough.

"Fourteen years and eighteen years, that is nothing. You can sell a drug and get a whole lot more time, " Vasar said speaking for Bains.

Commonwealth's Attorney Andrew Nester picked up this case last year.He says there were no fingerprints or forensic evidence to place the men at the scene, and the surveillance video gave very little away.

"Your case is only as good as your witnesses and the evidence that you have, " Nester said.The two men could have faced multiple life sentences if the case went to trial, but Nester says it's also possible they could have walked away free men.

"With the age of the case and then, of course, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses that our case had, we feel we reached the best outcome, " said Nester.

Kent and Hylton have maintained their innocence over the last four years - saying they were not the people that came into that store - but Nester says he is confident they have the right men, and he hopes the community will finally have closure.


Henry Co., VA - Two men have been sentenced for killing a Henry County convenience store clerk four years ago.Montreal Kent and Domonique Hylton both entered Alford pleas late Sunday night, which means they acknowledge there is enough evidence to convict, without admitting they are guilty.According to Commonwealth's Attorney Andrew Nester, the judge sentenced Kent to 66 years in prison with 52 suspended. So Kent will spend 14 years behind bars. A judge sentenced Hylton to 71 years with 52 and a half years suspended. So Hylton will spend 18 and a half years behind bars.In 2010, B-G'S Express clerk Nirmal Singh was killed during a robbery. Another employee was seriously injured.