Two Families Displaced by Roanoke Fire

Roanoke Co., VA - Two families are picking up the pieces after a fire destroyed their townhouses Tuesday.

The fire happened just after four on Hollins Road - forcing fire officials to shut the main road down for hours.

One firefighter was injured when a container full of water fell on his head.

As for the residents, two families and six people in all, will have to find a new place to live.

The fire, which investigators say started on the back deck of one of the homes, took nearly an hour to put out. Investigators believe a discarded cigarette set a plastic pot on fire which then spread quickly.

Zach Spence, 15, is one of those who lost his home, but the bad news has a silver lining. He says the support for he and his mother has been overwhelming.

"Family and friends... everybody is just trying to help us out. I'm really grateful for that; knowing that people have got our backs," said Spence.

Contractors say the home where the fire started will have to be taken down to the last eight feet and rebuilt.

Spence's home requires less work... primarily to the roof and attic. He and his mother will be staying with family until the insurance comes through.

No word from the other family affected other than we know they are all ok.ire