Extreme Couponers Donate Thousands of Dollars in Supplies to Tornado Relief Efforts

Altavista, VA - The local response to the devastation in Oklahoma has been big. A truck full of supplies for the relief effort was collected in Altavista Wednesday.

The catch is the entire load was donated by just two women.

The ladies call themselves extreme couponers. They have stockpiles of food and other supplies just sitting around their homes. So when the news broke out of Oklahoma, they knew exactly how to help.

Wendy Ansley is a life saver.

"This is my ambulance from work with Paladin Medical Transport" she said.

Ansley's an EMT, and on Wednesday, like every other day, she used her ambulance to help those in need.

"There's boxes full of razors, shaving creams, deodorants, toothpastes, body soaps" said Ansley of all the products she packed into her ambulance.

"It's going to go to Oklahoma, through the pit crew. They're going to load it onto a truck in Lynchburg and then Sunday morning take it to the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma" she said.

Ansley's an extreme couponer. She donated a third of her stockpile of food, and other products, more than $2,000 worth of supplies, to God's Pit Crew to take to Oklahoma.

"I hope it's really beneficial. I know it's not going to be enough for everybody, but it's a lot of stuff" she said.

"I went out this morning and got more stuff just because all of it would help" said Evita Erk.

Erk is an extreme couponer as well.

When asked how much she was donating to Oklahoma tornado relief efforts she replied, "Probably $4-5,000 worth of food."

And with the other supplies she donated, it totaled more than $6,000.

"I'm planning on leaving Sunday" said Scott Reynolds.

Reynolds is bringing the supplies to Oklahoma with God's Pit Crew.

"When you bring supplies to people who have been hopeless because they've lost everything, and then you see that hope start to build back up, I mean it's just an amazing feeling" he said.

"It doesn't put a dent into the truck but it's a lot, and it's a start" said Erk.

You can donate supplies to God's Pit Crew in Lynchburg at Tree of Life Ministries, or in Danville at their Warehouse on North Main Street.

All supplies collected, will be donated to tornado victims in Oklahoma.