Two Danville Polling Places Change, Smooth Transition

Danville, VA -- Two precincts in Danville changed polling places this year because of school closures. So those who used to vote at Taylor now are at Bonner Middle School. And Woodrow Wilson was changed to the Salvation Army.

Danville Registrar Peggy Petty says they sent out information about the changes to voters and put up signs at the old polling locations. So Petty says the transition has been pretty smooth. However, some people did get confused about the change.
"I've had a couple calls from voters that said I went by Taylor and it looks like no one is there. They didn't drive up to the doors because we do have bright notices, lime green to direct them to the proper place," said Petty.
The Salvation Army says even though they were particularly crowded at lunchtime Tuesday because of the cold weather, they were able to handle the crowd of voters as well.