Two Schools Raising Money for Bedford Co. Teen with Cancer

Bedford, VA - Two Bedford County schools are holding events to raise money for a student who is fighting Cancer.

Luke Arrington, 18, was diagnosed with Lymphoma in February. Doctors first gave Arrington 20 years to live, and then said he had only five years. They now believe Luke's Cancer can be cured.

"A lot of kids are like no, not Luke. I'm like I'd rather it be me than somebody else," said Luke Arrington.

"We've already seen our goals reached because you don't see many 18 year olds walk around saying they're blessed," said Mark Arrington, Luke's father. "But we got one who says that."

Luke will graduate from Liberty High School next week. He is also a student in Bedford Science and Technology Center's Automotive Technology program. Luke was the program's Outstanding Student of the Year. He has completed an internship and would like a career in the automotive industry.

"This time of year, it's hard to get seniors to come to class at all," said Mark Mathia, Luke's automotive instructor. "Luke has only missed days for treatment and then when he comes in he has the greatest attitude."

"It just gets your mind off the bad stuff," said Luke. "Like a lot of people have said, it's just mind over matter. You always got to keep your head up."

The automotive class is holding a benefit car show for Luke this weekend at BSTC. There will be a bluegrass benefit concert later this month at Liberty High.

"We know this is just the first step in many things that he's going to do for Bedford County and for this world so we want to support them in any way that we can," said Kathy Dills, Liberty High School Assistant Principal.

They are still accepting car entries and silent auction items for the car show. If you'd like to go to either event here is the information:

Car Show to Benefit Luke Arrington

Saturday, May 17, 10a.m. - 2p.m.

Bedford Science and Technology Center

600 Edmund Street, Bedford

Contact Mark Mathia: (540)586-3933

$15 car registration

Luke Arrington Bluegrass Benefit Concert

Saturday, May 31, 4:30p.m.

Liberty High School

100 Liberty Minuteman Drive, Bedford

Contact Spencer Blakenship: (540)293-7415

$10 at door

There is also a fundraising website. Click here if you'd like to contribute.