Tunstall High School Band Wearing 17-Year-Old Uniforms, Asking Community For Help To Buy New Ones

Tunstall, VA-- The colors have faded and the sequins, zippers and buttons are long gone. That's the condition of Tunstall High School's band uniforms. It's no wonder, they've been wearing them for 17 years.

They're ready for a new look, but the problem is a new look is going to cost them $17,000. The money the school provides is only enough to run the program, so now they're turning to the community for help.

Hundreds of trophies line the walls of Tunstall High School's marching band room.

"I take band very seriously. It's like my life and part of my heart," said Katelyn Schaffer a band member.

"The trophies speak for themselves. We compete in World Finals which is against the world. I mean it's people from China and Japan and we have medals and trophies from there too," said Kellie Knapp, the Tunstall High School Band Director.

But they feel like they're losing in one area, uniforms.

"When I marched my uniform smelled like puke. It smelled really bad," said Candace Mitchell, a band member.

"My uniform has stains all on the white collars and I have like three buttons missing," said Blake Mitchell, also a band member.

"They're missing their sequins. A lot of parts are broken off. Some of them don't even have a zipper," Knaap said.

This is all seventeen years of wear and tear. They haven't gotten new ones since 1997.

"We're probably in them for six hours at football games and probably close to nine hours on competition days," Knaap said.

They've picked out new jackets and put it on their wish list, but it's a wish the school can't grant.

"The school provides us a good amount of money, but I like to use that for new instruments and for materials for the classroom and music and things like that. It's an expensive activity. The uniforms themselves are going to cost $17,000," Knaap said.

So they have no choice but to turn to the community for help. They set a Go Fund Me account and will hold a big yard sale on July 26.

"I feel like the uniforms to us would bring us more confidence to bring home these trophies to represent our county," Candice Mitchell said.

The yard sale is at Do Drop In on Martinsville Highway in Danville from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are still accepting item donations for that.

Click here to donate to the cause.