Tunstall, Brookville Preview State Semifinal Clash

Tunstall plays at Brookville in the Division 3 state semifinals Saturday.

The Bees are defending state champs and riding a 26-game win streak. This is the Trojans' first time making the state semis. They're the underdog, but say that just puts all the pressure to win on Brookville. Tunstall Coach Buddy Brown says the Trojans must be able to move it on offense, and keep the ball away from the Bees and quarterback Kendall BeCraft.
Buddy Brown, TUNSTALL HEAD COACH, said "We can't let him sit back there and pick us apart. He is a magician with the football. That play-action passing game, sometimes we have to rewind the film and slow-mo it to see who's got the football, he does such a good job hiding the football."
Evan Huffman, TUNSTALL SENIOR RECEIVER/FREE SAFETY, said "They're due for a loss and I think that Tunstall High School is ready to get up there and give 'em their first 'l' in about two years."

Jeff Woody, BROOKVILLE HEAD COACH, said "They've got a reason to win. They've got desire, they've got heart. They've got all that want-to just like we do. And if we look past the Tunstall, then we'll be sitting at home watching Tunstall the next week."