Tucker's Market in Campbell Co. Catches Fire

Campbell Co., VA - Fire tore through a Campbell County store Tuesday morning. Now, investigators are trying to figure out why. Crews responded to Tucker's Market in Lynch Station a little after midnight.

Tucker's Market has been around for several decades. To people who live nearby, it was much more than just an old country store.

"A lot of good memories...a lot of tales told, and a lot of lies," said Diane Tucker, former owner, Tucker's Market.

Diane Tucker spent a lot of time in this store, including the sweet moments.

"My husband and I, we've danced in that store," said Diane.

And the more private ones we won't mention.

Diane's husband, Roger Tucker, ran the store for years before he died of a heart attack. But it was Roger's dad, Allen, who first opened the store back in 1952.

Customers say Allen was a character. For a while, he kept a pet monkey in the store, and after that a parrot.

"What did it say?" we asked.

"It said a lot of stuff, but you can't put it on camera," said loyal customer, Ken Keesee.

Now, happy memories are all some have to hang on to.

At first glance the damage doesn't look so bad but inside is a different story. The heat from the fire melted the cash register, the plastic on bags of potato chips, and pretty much destroyed all the merchandise inside.

If only Diane could put this in the back of her mind. But it's difficult when you live right next door.

"I've gotta see it every day, all the work my husband did and it's all gone," said Diane.

Once again, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The amount of damage has not been determined.