TSA Agents Find Concealed Weapon at LYH

Lynchburg, VA - A TSA spokesman tells ABC 13 agents at Lynchburg Regional Airport found a hairbrush concealing a ceramic dagger in a passenger's bag Sunday morning.

That passenger was about to board a flight for Charlotte.
The TSA says it's seeing more and more of what it calls artfully concealed weapons.
"A weapon that can be used for dangerous, if not deadly purposes, but that is disguised as an innocuous, everyday item," said Kawika Riley, a spokesman for the TSA. "In this case, it was a non-metallic dagger, disguised as an everyday hairbrush. It even had some of the passenger's hair on it."
Riley said agents find weapons everyday, at airports across the country.
But it's rare to have something like that show up at an airport like Lynchburg's.
The TSA referred that passenger to airport security, but no word on whether that passenger was allowed to board the flight, or whether any charges will be filed. The TSA does have the authority to fine passengers who try to bring weapons onto planes, and may do so in this case.