Truckers to Raise Funds for American Cancer Society

Charlotte Co., VA- Sheila Jones gets emotional when she talks about her mother who passed away from breast cancer so many years ago.

The Charlotte County native didn't want to let her mother's death go in vain, though. So, she and close friends and kinfolk put their familial ties together and fourteen years ago started "Truckers' Parade Against Cancer." Truckers and their companies donate $250 minimum in the memory of a cancer victim or to honor a survivor.

The first year Jones gathered her trucker friends and family together they raised $10,000 for the American Cancer Society. Every year since, she's set a higher goal and beat it. "Don't bet against Sheila," said her friend Cookie.The fundraiser starts in Charlotte County and travels through the town of Phenix, through Drakes Branch all the way through Keysville. Jones, says she wants to give truckers and their companies the chance to shine and do something for their communities. "I get so emotional," she told ABC 13.

"Bake sales, yard sales they were the normal fundraisers. They just weren't cutting it. that just wasn't bringing in the money. Something has got to be done to bring in more money. So my husband's family is involved in truckers. They own a trucking company, a repair shop and we have a truck salesman in the family. So we said we need to do something with trucks."

Last year's Parade raise $57,000. This year, Jones plans on beating her goal of $60,000. The parade will start at 3:00 p.m. on October 11 on Highway 727. Jones says she plans on adding a website to set up for donations. Every dollar she raises, Jones says goes directly to cancer research.

Click here for more information on the Trucker's Parade.

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