Truckers Parade in Charlotte Co. This Saturday

Charlotte Co., VA - Get ready to see a whole lot of trucks. This Saturday is the annual Truckers Parade in Charlotte County in support of the American Cancer Society.

Each truck honors someone who is fighting or has lost their battle with cancer.

The trucks have banners, signs, pictures and do a whole lot of honking.

People come out to watch and you can join in too. The parade starts at 3 p.m. in Phenix and ends in Keysville.

Parade Route:

3:00 - Begin at Nollie Rd.-727 to Phenix

3:10 - Phenix - Rt. 40 toward CCH

3:20 - JMJ School

3:35 - CCH town limits

3:40 - Drakes Branch - Rt. 47 to Rt. 59

3:50 - Keysville - Rt. 40 to King Street

4:00 - Ending at SVCC