Truck Overturns in Timberlake Road Crash

Lynchburg, VA - An accident on Timberlake Road sent a man to the hospital Friday afternoon, after a car hit the truck he was driving causing it to turn over on its side.According to Senior Traffic Specialist J.W. Blankenship, 33-year-old Haley Sutton pulled out in front of the truck traveling toward Lynchburg on Timberlake Road right in front of The Vistas Apartments complex.The driver of the truck, 19-year-old Taylor McGann wasn't able to stop and hit Sutton. Blankenship says the impact sent the truck onto its side and tore the real wheel axle from the truck.The rear passenger wheel rolled into oncoming traffic in the opposite direction on Timberlake Road, striking Deborah Shultz who was driving another car.Blankenship says McGann was taken to Lynchburg General Hospital for observation. There were no other injuries. The accident remains under investigation.
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