Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Danville, VA -- It's National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Truck drivers we spoke with say they hope this will open some people's eyes to the importance of their job.

Without them, we would not have a lot of the food we eat, our furniture, and many other goods.
They also want other drivers to help them out on the road. So, we have some tips for you.
They suggest not to pass them on a one-lane road. And if you have to, do it quickly. They also suggest not talking on your phone and be very careful about breaking suddenly when a truck is behind you.
"Give me all the room you can. If it's room enough for an elephant to walk around, then you are safe. If you are looking for a Chihuahua you're not safe," said John Dick, truck driver.
Many drivers we spoke with say they enjoy their job because they can travel all over the country.