Troopers Remind Holiday Travelers to Be Careful Driving in Rain

Lynchburg, VA - Roads are busy around the county with people traveling near and far to celebrate the nation's birthday. AAA expects more than 40 million Americans to hit the roads and journey 50 miles or more this 4th of July.

According to statistics, the July 4 is one of the deadliest days of the year on our nation's roads, and this year, rain and poor visibility could make things even more dangerous.

Sam Poff and his girlfriend Jessica are gearing up for a little family get-away.

"Hoping this weather is going to pass. Really not looking forward to a wet cruise day," said Poff.

They're going boating about 60 miles away. They say safety is their number one priority when it comes to traveling.

"We're doing the speed limit. I know a lot of cops are probably going to be out this week," said Poff.

Trooper Jared Staton is among them.

"We have 75 % of the troopers in each office are going to be working on this care holiday," said Staton.

C.A.R.E., the Combined Accident Reduction Effort, kicks off July 4 and runs through Sunday.

"We're going to focus a lot on speed, seatbelts, and also DUI enforcement," said Staton.

But they're not wasting any time enforcing the rules of the road.

Wednesday, Staton pulled over a driver who did not have his headlights on, something very important in wet conditions. Once out of the car, he noticed something else: The tread on the front tires is low.

"If he has to make a quick panic stop, he's not going to be able to stop as quickly as he could if his tires were in good condition. They're just going to float across the top and hydroplane," said Staton.

Officials say rain isn't the only problem, it's also the lack of visibility."

"With the decreased visibility and the wet roads, you need to allow yourself more distance between yourself and the car that's in front of you," said Staton.

The moral of the story? Slow down out there and give yourself plenty of time to get where to where you are going.