Tree That Fell During Storm Was One of the Oldest in South Boston

South Boston, VA - Hollis Cannon has taken a light-hearted approach to the loss of the tree in her backyard that was believed to be one of the oldest in South Boston, but she admits to being pretty shaken the day it fell.

"When I looked out the window I couldn't see anything but a mass of leaves and limbs, and I couldn't even see if my garage was still there, " Cannon said.
Neighbors heard the tree fall from miles away and came to see what it was. Everyone was amazed that the tree, measuring more than 140 feet tall and six feet wide, had not caused damage to the home or the people who lived there.
"That would've taken my house out. I don't think we would've survived, " Cannon said.
Barbara Johnston's father built the home on Marshall Street where the Cannon family lives.
"It was a huge tree even when I was a child," Johnston said.
She says the tree has been in South Boston for generations.
A local contractor that is working on the tree removal will determine the exact age of the tree soon. In the meantime, Cannon hopes to find a company to take the wood from the red oak off her hands, but that has not been easy.
"The stump is valuable, but they sound like they can't really handle something this size, " said Cannon.
With one more large tree in her backyard, she says she will take all the necessary precautions to avoid a close call when the next big storm hits.
"I'm just glad we're alive. It's unbelievable, " she said.
Despite the trees and debris that fell as a result of those storms, officials say there were no reports of injuries throughout Halifax County.