Tree Pollen Produces Problems

Lynchburg, VA - Bring on the itchy, watery, red eyes. It is spring time and the pollen is slowing down allergy sufferers all over the state. The tree pollen is the problem right now, in fact it is the peak season.

"It's terrible not being able to breathe," said allergy sufferer Garry Rorer.

Rorer is at the mercy of tree pollen.

"Cause me to sneeze, gives me congestion, lack of sleep," said Rorer.

So he gets an allergy shot twice a month for a little bit of relief. He is not alone. According to Allergist Doctor Joey Lane, 25% of the population suffers from nasal allergies."

"One of the most chronic diseases in our society, along with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol," said Lane.

He says we are primarily feeling the effects of Oak and Birch pollens and says the levels are rising.

"They're pretty high. They're in what we would consider the high range," said Lane.

Allergist Dr. Dane McBride says unfortunately, the worst is yet to come; the month of May will be brutal.

"That's when you have not only some trees still pollinating, but now the grasses also start pollinating," said McBride.

Allergists around the Hill City recommend four things to lessen symptoms.

1. Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible.

2. Shower after being outside.

3. Recirculate air in your vehicle.

4. Consider taking allergy medications.

In the meantime, we will see a bit of relief with this week's rain.

"Rain tends to help patients with pollen allergy because it sort of helps wash some of the pollen out of the air,"said Lane.

Keep in mind, however, once the sun comes back out and the winds die down, it is going to be pretty bad yet again.