Tree Falls, Almost Crushes Danville Home

Danville, VA - A tree, almost 100 feet tall, came crashing down during Tuesday's storm, just missing a house in Danville.

Around 5:30 PM, John Tate heard what sounded like a small explosion outside his home.

"Like a little minor earthquake or something like that, " Tate said.

He came out to find a tall tree wedged between his fence and his neighbor's shed - just inches away from destroying the house he has lived next to for 22 years.
"I think God was sitting down there and he grabbed that tree and put it right between that shed down there. I mean inches to either way, it could have killed somebody, " Tate said.
The large tree created a domino effect, knocking over two smaller ones in its path.
Tate believes age and years of wind damage had weakened the tree, and a series of straight line winds may have been the last straw.
Local tree specialists say it may be a good time to check the trees in your own yard.
Philip Winstead of Danville Tree Care says if a tree is old or showing signs of being dead or diseased it may be best to remove it before it has a chance to fall.
"It becomes more dangerous becomes limbs fall out, they become more dangerous and storms blow them all to pieces, " Winstead said.
If nothing else, Tate says the experience has definitely put him and his neighbors on guard.
"The next time the big wind storm come up, yeah we're going to be looking out the door a little bit, " said Tate.