Tree, Downed Power Line Almost Fall On Two Danville Children During Storm

Danville, VA - A tree came crashing down during yesterday's heavy rain, nearly hitting two small children.The mother of those children , Melissa Dix, calls it a miracle.Dix says her son and daughter were getting off the school bus near their Oak Street home when a tree fell across the road just feet in front of them.The tree was so tall it covered the entire street. Dix says she screamed for the children to stay put after noticing a downed power line was caught under the tree.She called 9111 and firefighters came to safely carry the children across the narrow road.The crews said the power lines were not live, but Dix is just thankful the experience did not end in tragedy."The closeness is so surreal. My daughter was probably about 8 feet from the tree, my son about 10 feet. It's a blessing. It's a miracle, " Dix said.Dix says there are other dead trees on that street that have her concerned.As of this afternoon, the power lines that fell during that storm were still down in front of her home.