Treasurer Hopes for Re-election in Amherst Co.

Evelyn Martin

Amherst Co., VA - The current treasurer of Amherst County believes she will win re-election Tuesday night despite her recent turmoil with the county Board of Supervisors.

The board voted last week to employ a legal maneuver to compel Evelyn Martin to do her job in a timelier manner. They say she is five months behind balancing the county books.

Martin points out it's the voters who'll decide if she keeps her job, and she's been out hitting the voting precincts all day trying to convince them to keep her on.

"I've got a lot of supporters and a lot of people are questioning the criticism that I have received," said Martin."Seems to me, the media has been like one-sided and has not picked up on all the facts."

She says the fact that this came out one week before her election seems to be politically motivated.

"It was horrible timing and I think my opponent probably used that as part of his campaigning," said Martin.

Opponent Garry Friend thinks the news didn't come out soon enough.

"As far as I'm concerned, the news was probably long overdue and I think the information that has come out is good for the people to know," said Friend. "You should know the facts before you vote, so I think it will definitely have an impact."

Martin insists she is still the most qualified person to serve as treasurer thanks to 37 years experience in the treasurer's office.

The voters will decide Tuesday night.

"Obviously, what's going on here is a question of accountability by the current treasurer," said Friend.

"I just hope that the citizens of Amherst County will focus on the qualifications rather than the criticisms that I have received," said Martin.

Martin and Friend ran against each other last year in a special election after the former treasurer retired. Martin beat Friend by 888 votes.

The former banking executive predicts the outcome will be different this time.