Travel Update After Hurricane Sandy

Lynchburg, VA - VDOT officials say they are concerned with road conditions in the higher elevations like Wintergreen and want people to use extra caution in those areas - looking out for slick spots and snow blowing across the roads.

But what about travel conditions elsewhere?

A lot of people might be staying at home not because of the local weather, but because the weather where they were planning to go.

Lynchburg Regional Airport Manager Mark Courtney says several flights to big cities were canceled because of the storm. Those cancellations didn't include flights to Charlotte, which is the destination for six flights a day from Lynchburg Regional.

Courtney says the airlines have been contacting passengers with connecting flights.

"Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Boston any points in between. Flights were canceled and nobody was going anywhere," he said. "They wouldn't be flying them down to Charlotte only to strand them there. Those passengers that had been booked to fly through Charlotte, connecting to flights in the Northeast were impacted, so our flights have been a little bit lighter than normal."

The cars are staying on track although the train schedule is not.

Amtrak stopped all service to the Northeast on Tuesday, so that meant no business trips by rail to DC or New York. That leaves only one way to get there.

Paula Jones says VDOT's road warriors were ready this time. She says they didn't have trouble as far as traffic signals are concerned.

"We've have so much damage in the past from the derecho that a lot of tree damage that we came behind it and did some clean up and everything I think that helped a lot during that storm, because we could have had a lot more trees down than we did," she said.

Whether it's pedal to the metal, wheels to the rail or you're taking to the sky - check the road conditions with Amtrak or your airline before your trip.

Roanoke Regional Airport offers direct flights to LaGuardia. That airport is closed, and those flights are canceled. Even if LaGuardia reopens soon, workers might have trouble getting there with the subway down and tunnels closed in New York City.