Trash Collectors Staying Busy After Christmas

Lynchburg, VA - Many folks may still be enjoying time off, but for some it's their busiest day of the year.

All of the holiday food that was prepared, packages wrapped and then unwrapped, make for a huge pile in your trash can outside.

Lynchburg's trash collectors call this hell week because the volume of trash is higher than normal.

For those that get their trash pickup up normally on Wednesday had theirs picked up Friday.

"They only have four days off per year. And that's New Year's, 4th Of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. So they come in, they hustle, and they do an excellent job," said Beverly Herndon, the Administrative Services Associate with Lynchburg City Public Works.

If you still have boxes in your house that you want to get rid of, you can break them down and take them to the recycling sites around town.