Transition Program Offers Support For Children With Special Needs

Lynchburg, VA- If you have a child with special needs you know certain things can be difficult, like going to church.

Brentwood Church in Lynchburg is hoping to make it a little easier. They have created an entire "transition" program made especially for kids with developmental issues.

Brentwood says it is a demographic of people they want to reach. They say parents of these children with mental or behavioral disorders have an 85 percent divorce rate, and many of them don't go to church simply because they know their kids won't do well with other kids or care-takers. They want the transition program to change that.

Brentwood's Transition Program features two rooms filled with things made specifically to help these children. From sensory boards, a trampoline, and unique lighting, to a special swing. Once the children become comfortable they are transitioned out of the rooms and head to bigger class-rooms. They say the transition rooms remain a home-base, meaning the kids can always come back to re-focus if they feel uncomfortable.

The church says they rarely have to call parents during the service since the care is so specialized in the transition rooms, which means the parents are benefiting too!

If you would like to learn more, take your child, or volunteer with the transition program learn more here.

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