Trainers Say Last Week of Training is Most Crucial for VA 10 Miler

Lynchburg, VA- For local runners this is the most crucial week of training for the Genworth Virginia 10 Miler. If you don't follow your plan this week, trainers say come race day, you'll be sorry.

Even though a lot depends on your workout routine for the next couple of days, it's actually one of the easiest weeks of training. We're told it's all about giving your legs time to recuperate, and getting your mind set for race time.

"The last long run should normally happen about 7-14 days out from the race," said Scott Fritz, a S.A.F.E. Strides running group coach.

After ten tough weeks of training, Fritz and his team of runners are ready to tackle the 10 Miler. But Fritz says, now isn't the time to pound the pavement, but more like cuddle on the couch.

"Just loosening up, nice easy jogs, making sure you're taking a couple days off nearing the end of the week," he said.

Fritz says the days leading up to the race should be relaxed, but reasonable. And, if you haven't stuck to your training plan very well, now's not the time to make up miles.

"If you haven't gotten in your mileage, the hay's in the barn already. You really need to just relax and take a few short runs to keep the legs loose," said Fritz.

But, if you've driven on Langhorne Road lately you've seen runners huffing and puffing up those hills. It may not look like an easy jog, but Fritz says that's OK.

"If you can get out on the course and kind of hit those crucial parts, you know Farm Basket hill, the infamous hills out on the 10 Miler Course. If you can practice and gain some confidence out there, that's absolutely fine," he said.

Fritz says one more thing that's allowed: pre-race jitters.

"Jitters are a part of it, you have to manage them. The best advice I can give you for those is to get some good night sleep two days before race day, because you can guarantee you're not going to get much sleep the night before," said Fritz.