Town of Pamplin Looks To Be Included On "Most Endangered Site" List

Pamplin, VA - One look around Pamplin's Main Street, and it's easy to see. The town has seen better days.

The historic photos and mementos around Mayor Robert Mitchell's office remind him of what once was, and can be again.

With the better days behind them, Pamplin now looks to the future. That's why the first step the town took was to apply with Preservation Virginia, to be included on the state's "Most Endangered" historic sites list.

A move initiated by Preservation Virginia, when officials came to Pamplin, and encouraged town mayor Mitchell to apply.

While the list endorsement from this list wouldn't include any grants, it would open doors for grant money from outside organizations. That's a step that Mayor Mitchell is hoping for.

Opportunity for growth exists, thanks to the nearby High Bridge Trail. The 31-mile trail runs from Farmville to Pamplin. Current park visitors patronize businesses in Farmville, as they enter the trail from the East.

The Western End of the trail dumps right into downtown Pamplin, and that's an area that Mitchell sees potential in, as a destination for park visitors. He notes that, currently, "There's not really a good reason for people on that trail to walk all the way out here, some 17-18 miles distance."

With outside grant money, that could all change. Making the "Most Endangered" list would be the first step.