Tornado Victims Still Taking Donations with Help of New App

Moore, OK - Folks in Oklahoma are still cleaning up after several tornados tore through the state just a few weeks ago.

Even though the media isn't there anymore, victims and volunteers still desperately need supplies there.

Gleaning For The World says they are still sending supplies. In fact another tractor trailer load left for the area Tuesday.

The larger need now is very different than what it was even last week, however.

People are moving into places where they can stay for an extended period of time, while their homes are being rebuilt. They need totes and boxes to take what belongings they have with them.

Many tornado victims can still use non-perishable foods.

With such extreme damage, some communities are progressing faster than others.

Reverend Ron Davidson from Gleaning for the World says they have been specifically targeting those areas who have received very little aid.

"We always find these outlying areas, these county location where no one has been to, where people have not gotten supplies, they can't drive into the city because their cars have been destroyed so we try to get supplies in a smaller quantity to these outlying areas," said Davidson.

God's Pit Crew out of Danville has been in Oklahoma the past several weeks as well. They recently returned home, but say as long as supplies are needed, they will continue to send it.

There is also a new free app that the American Red Cross has launched. The Tornado App is designed for everyone, from those who live in tornado prone areas to those who worry for loved ones.

The app is free and available for all Apple and Android products. You get instant access to local and real-time information so you know what to do before, during, and after a tornado.

The Tornado App even has a high pitched siren and tornado warning alert to let people know when a warning has been issued for their area even if the app is closed. You then get an "all clear" alert when it's over.

With the app, you can even send out an "I'm Safe" message to let friends and family know you're ok.