Appomattox Co. Football - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Appomattox - This week's ABC high school Team of the Week is the Appomattox County football team. The Raiders, who finished 4-and-6 a year ago, have raced out of the gates this season. Appomattox is 3-0 after winning its home opener Friday night over JF 45-28, another Dogwood team beating a Seminole District opponent. Appo has another tough home game this Friday against R.E. Lee-Staunton.

Doug Smith, APPOMATTOX CO. HEAD COACH, said "When I came from the Seminole down to the Dogwood, you know we knew it was tough, we really did. It was never anything we thought it wasn't. But definitely Dogwood is representing in the old Dogwood and we're just proud of these kids, just keep fighting."