Tips To Cure The Labor Day Food And Drink Hangover

Lynchburg, VA - Labor Day, it's the holiday to celebrate the American worker. For some, it means relaxing and spending quality time with your family.

"For me, it's hanging out by the pool and barbecuing," said Pat Harris.

For others, it could be drinking a few too many beers. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six adults in the US will binge drinks about four times a month. But that's not the only worry for nutritionists as many prepare for their day back to work.

"Not only do a lot of people eat unhealthy during the holiday weekend, they also don't sleep that much," said Courtney Reppert.

Reppert is a franchisee for Complete Nutrition. She tells ABC 13 that it's a mix of fruits, proteins and probiotics to keep you from getting sick after the long weekend.

"Some live detox in there, some kidneys, adrenal glands, that's always a popular thing to do after the holiday," said Reppert. "The diet isn't so great so we want to kind of revamp the digestive system."

Fitness trainer Ben Crosswhite says everyone responds differently after a hangover. While he doesn't condone binge drinking, he says only hitting the trails and running off your body hangover is a myth, rather it's a healthy mix of hydration and healthy foods.

"Hydrating your body and the endorphin release behind working out is going to help a lot to waking up and it's going to push a lot of toxins out of your body as well," said Crosswhite.