Tips for Taming School Anxiety for Students and Parents

Lynchburg, VA- Parents, sending your child off to school for the first time can be very nerve-racking, for you and your student. First

of all, make sure to prepare ahead of time in any way possible. That includes making lunch, packing a backpack and even laying out clothes the night before. Also, make sure your child gets plenty of sleep leading up to the first day, that means being in bed by 8 o'clock. And, take your child for a tour of the school before the first day of class so they can get familiar with their surroundings."Taking the child to the school. Visiting with the teacher. Learn where their cubby is, where to hang their coat, where to hang their backpack," said Norma White, Clinical Director for Mental Health America of Central Virginia.

After school it's important to establish a routine as well. Have a designated place for your child to leave their backpack. Go through any papers they've brought home with them to make sure you're not missing out on anything important. And parents, if you're having trouble letting go, just remember the bigger picture."This is a process, and again it is a wonderful, wonderful process of children learning, growing, going to school. That's their job," said White.

White say the most important thing you can do for your child throughout this process is stay calm."What parents have to do is make this, you know, as reasonably calm as they can, because children's emotions feed off of parents' emotions."Click here for more tips on taming school anxiety.