Tips For Keeping Pets Safe Through Winter Weather

Danville, VA - As the ice and rain roll in this weekend, animal experts say you should definitely consider your pets.

"The best place for your dogs and cats and companion animals is right beside you inside, " said Paulette Dean with the Danville Area Human Society.
If bringing your pet indoors is not possible, state law says you must provide pets with proper shelter to keep them dry, and limit direct contact with the ground.
"Wood chips or blankets inside a doghouse...the ground, most of the time, is colder than the air, " Dean said.
Some of these rules also apply to larger, outdoor animals.
At Owen Farm in Danville, David Owen is already prepping his animals for the icy weather.
Owen says some livestock do fine in frigid weather, but they need lots of food when the temperature drops.
"The main thing you want to do is give them plenty of food, because that gives them energy and produces heat in their bodies, " Owen said.
Owen holds a living nativity with the animals every year, but he will postpone an event if it's just too cold for workers or animals.
He says animals don't enjoy the elements anymore than people do.
"It's just like us. We can take certain temperatures and everything, but when it gets to an extreme, you need a break from it, " said Owen.
Also, don't forget animals like squirrels and birds that you've been feeding in your yard. They will still rely on that food. Make sure your bird baths are not frozen, as that can cause injury to birds that try to land in them.