Tips For Keeping Food Safe During Memorial Day Weekend

Danville, VA - If you are planning to grill out for Memorial Day weekend, there are some important things to remember so you and your family don't get sick.Clinical Dietitian at Danville Regional Medical Center Jonathan Yuhas suggests sticking to the 2-hour rule. That means foods that should be either hot or cold should not be outside their ideal temperature for more than 2 hours. If you leave them out for longer than that, he says to throw them out, that applies to condiments too."I wouldn't really take left overs home because you are probably going to be outside most of the day and that's not going to be one of your priorities unless you do have a really good cooler or something to keep it heated," said Yuhas.The most common thing that causes food poisoning is under cooking your meat or not cooking it to proper temperatures, so use a food thermometer. Yuhas says if you are displaying signs of food poisoning, like throwing up or diarrhea, go see a doctor.