Tiny Tick Brings Misery by Matt Ferguson

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever got me bad! About 2 weeks ago I took our dog Behr for a long walk. During our walk, I let him off the leash to run free. He got into some tall grass and brought a tick home with us. Behr is treated, so the tick crawled off of him and found me. Several hours later, I found the tick attached on my leg. I pulled it off, flushed it and didn't think any more about it.

The following weekend I felt a bit weaker than normal and had a lot of muscle aches. I just thought I had overdone it at the gym or overworked around the house. Then last Sunday night things took a major turn for the worse. I had fevers between 100 and 103, sweats, muscle pain all over and extremely painful headaches. I had to work on Monday morning and barely made it through the day. I took a sick day Tuesday to head to the doctor.

The doctor visit could not come soon enough Tuesday afternoon. I was very sick person at that point. I told the doctor I thought I had the flu, however I did get bit by a tick 6 days earlier. He did a blood test and found that I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. My blood count was very low. The doctor said if I would have waited a little longer to visit, I would have been in the hospital. I was put on antibiotics for 14 days.

Tuesday and Wednesday were miserable for me, but by Thursday the antibiotics started taking affect. Less fever, muscle aches and sweats, but the headaches were still horrible. Praise the Lord, this past weekend I finally became totally well, with only occasional mild headaches. This Monday morning writing this blog, I'm back at work and feeling good! Today I'm going to talk with Noreen Turyn, who had Lyme's Disease, as that's another issue I could face in the weeks ahead.

In writing this, I would encourage everyone to always be on the lookout for ticks, especially during the summer months. Whether it's on yourself, your children or pets, watch out! While most ticks do not carry dangerous diseases, some do, therefore you have to be careful. If you get bit by a tick, symptoms usually develop within a week. If this happens to you, go to the doctor as soon as you can. The quicker the antibiotics get into your system the better off you are!