Time is Winding Down for Harding's Clocks and Music Boxes

Monroe, VA- Time is almost up at Harding's Clocks and Music Boxes. The shop has had steady business for 37 years on U.S. 29 in Monroe but Friday, owner and master clockmaker, Jim Harding will close up regular business for good. He told ABC 13, that it's time for him to work on projects for himself. "I've been so busy doing clocks for other people that I haven't had time to do it myself." Projects include what Harding calls a "masterpiece clock, that he's been tinkering with for 38 years as well as spending more time with his wife.

Customers have been streaming through the doors, eager to get a piece of history from this landmark shop. Many customers seem as equally charmed by Harding as they are by his handiwork on their clocks. Helen Caddell, of Lynchburg, had to make a last minute run to the shop just to be a part of history. Her own parents purchased a grandfather clock from Harding years ago so she made sure she walked away with a clock that chimes out hymns and one for her kitchen. "Even with the few clocks that remain, it's just fascinating," she told ABC 13

The decision to close his doors hasn't been an easy one, Harding said. "I've had some difficulty with this decision. I've lost a lot of sleep over this." Harding says about leaving beloved customers and his assistant, Debra Vair, of twenty years behind. Vair, isn't ready to retire and that tears at Harding. However, the time is right to move on. Harding says he will spend the next six weeks after the doors close on August 15th, to finish up the tremendous amount of repair work he has left on his workshop shelves. In November, he will hold an auction to sell off remaining inventory to include old clocks that were left behind by their owners over the years.

In January, Harding will re-open at another location, yet to be announced, on an "appointment only," basis.