Timberlake Lions Roaring Mad Over Losing Kids

Reporter: Mark Kelly Videographer: Todd Densmore

Campbell County, VA - A number of children in our area are really hurting. After practicing all Summer to play football, they have found out, just days before the first game, that they are off the team. It's happened to some members of the Timberlake Lions football team. Tonight, parents were on the field, hoping to get their kids back in.

The meeting turned into a screaming match and the hour ended with more head-shakes than handshakes. Parents took the field, asking why the league told six kids, 3 boys and 3 girls, they are off the team.

"Nothing's changed from this meeting. Nothing's changed at all," said Rev. Ricky R. Scott.

"She came home and with tears in her eyes she said, 'mom, these kids who were suppose to be grandfathered in were not,'" said Elizabeth Marrero, Timberlake Lions parent.

Here is the problem: The Timberlake Lions are a county league only for kids who live in Campbell County - with one exception. When the City of Lynchburg annexed parts of the county, those county kids who became city kids, were still allowed to play. They were grandfathered in. But not this year. The nine voting members on the Central Virginia Football league say grandfathering is out.

"It's not about the Timberlake Lions doing something wrong. It's about the Central Virginia football league doing something wrong," said Robin Hudson, parent.

But, parents asked why they weren't told about the rule change before they paid for the season.

"Even if they made that rule, if it's hurting the children then they need to come back to the table and fix it," said Scott.

Parents look toward the larger picture now. They want their kids to be kids and just play football.

"These kids want to play ball, they want to do something good for the community and here the community is stopping them," said Marrero.

This new rule doesn't just affect the Timberlake Lions. It affects other teams, too. Lions management wouldn't go on camera. Some Lions parents tell me they will get a refund. What they really want is to get those six kids back on the team.