Timberlake Christian School Responding To Threats

Lynchburg, VA - A spokesman for Timberlake Christian School said reaction to Sunnie Kahle's story has gone too far. Campbell County deputies were stationed outside of Timberlake Christian School as well as Timberlake Baptist Church in response to threats of violence made to staff, even students.

The threats against Timberlake Christian School have gotten so bad, Pastor of Timberlake Baptist Church Bryan Ferrell sending a letter home to parents.

"Within 48 hours after [we at ABC-13 first brought you the story of Sunnie Kahle] emails and phone calls started pouring into our school from as far away as Australia, France and Russia. National media outlets contacted us, asking for a comment. Hate mail of all kinds poured in, as well as threats and condemnation" read the letter.

The school's spokesman said, "physical harm to staff and students was threatened." School administrators did not take any chances. They hired a deputy to keep watch at both the school, and church.

The letter further explained "It would be impossible to watch this story and not feel anger towards TCS if the school had expelled the child because of a haircut or tomboy appearance. But nothing could be further from the truth. There are real biblical issues at stake in this situation on which we had to act."

Mere minutes away from TCS, it was quite the contrary.

"Minnesota, Nebraska, all over, it's just been worldwide" said Doris Thompson, Sunnie's Great Grandmother.

Eight year old Sunnie Kahle and her great grandparents have received an outpouring of support.

"Short hair is beautiful and so are you, inside and out. God loves us all the same" Sunnie read from a letter she received.

Letters, clothing and jewelry were sent from near and far.

"You would not believe the preachers that have faxed us and emailed us and told us how wrong it was" said Thompson.

Thompson said she plans on keeping her in public school. TCS she said is off the table.

"If she wants to be a lawyer and she'd make a good one, or a doctor, or whatever she wants, I'm hoping I can back her up and be there for her" she said.

The Thompsons said they've had offers from multiple private schools, offering admission to Sunnie. For now they say, they're happy with where she is.

You can view the TCS letter in its entirety, here.