Tim Tebow's Popularity Growing at LU

Reporter: Jeremy Mills | Videographer: Daniel Heffner

Lynchburg, VA - The Tim Tebow fan base just keeps growing, and it now includes a huge cheering section at Liberty University.

Students there say it just makes sense that an outspoken Christian like Tebow would be celebrated on their campus. School officials are even trying to get Tebow to go to LU to speak at convocation.

His popularity is already well-known to stores like B&C Sports at River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg. They have Tebow T-shirts, but ran out of jerseys because Liberty students keeping buying them.

"It is huge at Liberty. Tim Tebow is probably the most well-known celebrity on campus right now," said Johnnie Moore, an LU spokesperson.

It's helped build him an army of fans.

"As Christians, we look for notable figures to find, influence, and personally look up to," said Hunter Nash, a junior at LU.

Over the past few months, the entire campus has erupted every time he wins a game.

"I put on my own personal Facebook, "Go Tebow go" and I had a hundred likes within minutes. I mean, the students were going crazy over it," said Moore.

"I think Tim Tebow is just a great guy a lot of people can look up to, so we want to see him win," said Nash.

Tebow's celebrity is also helping campus groups promote next month's national day of purity.

"The day of purity is right up there with all of the things that he cares about," said Amber Haskew, the director of Day of Purity International.

Tebow openly admits he will remain abstinent until marriage, and he's become a role model for the cause.

"People like Tim Tebow really help give a weight to purity and help further the cause by having a voice that people can connect with," said Haskew.

"Tim Tebow is a Liberty type of guy. He's really, really overt and solid in his faith. He's not ashamed to be Christian and yet he's really good at what he does," said Moore.

Tebow has been invited to come speak to the students at Liberty. University officials say he still hasn't said yes because he has lots of other commitments to work out.