Three Years Until Amtrak Line Extends to Roanoke

Lynchburg, VA - It could be three years before the Amtrak line from Lynchburg extends all the way to Roanoke. But according to the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce, that's a pretty good timeline for a transportation program.

According to the president, there would be a lot of work involved in a project like that. It would mean taking a freight track and preparing it for commuter rail. It's also been about 20 years since Roanoke has seen commuter rail, so there would be plenty of work needed at the depot too.

Either way, three years is quick, says the chamber.

"If we're successful at expanding passenger rail service to Roanoke by 2015-2016, in transportation terms that's a blink of an eye," said Rex Hammond, CEO of the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Amtrak told the chamber that the Lynchburg to D.C. route is the most successful in the entire fleet.