Three Years Since Morgan Harrington's Disappearance

Charlottesville, VA - Three years ago, Wednesday Morgan Harrington went missing. Now, the family is reaching out to a new group of young women so what happened to Morgan doesn't happen again.

The Harringtons want other young women to learn safety and personal responsibility. Their daughter Morgan was last seen outside a concert in Charlottesville in 2009. Then, 101 days later a farmer found Morgan's body in a field.

This case is still unsolved. The FBI has forensically linked a suspect from a 2005 sexual assault in Fairfax County to Morgan's case. That's it.

Wednesday, friends and family met in the final place Morgan was seen alive.

Gil and Dan Harrington are concerned that the more time passes, the more people forget their daughter's tragic ending.

"Although hundreds of UVA students and visitors pass by this bridge every week, they likely don't know the events that occurred on this bridge that changed our family and affected the university and Charlottesville community," said Dan Harrington, Morgan's dad.

A Charlottesville is bridge the last place anyone saw Morgan Harrington. For at least a day her memory covers Copley Bridge.

"Communities want to forget the ugliness of a murder, but we will not let Morgan's murder be forgotten until we have justice and the predator off the street," said Dan.

The Harringtons set up a college scholarship in Morgan's name. But, in Morgan's story, there's a lesson for women of all ages to learn. Soon, the Help Save the Next Girl Foundation, an organization in Morgan's memory, will teach Girl Scouts personal responsibility.

"I don't believe that there's an age that's too young. No. You just have to find a way to do it without scaring them. We don't want to frighten them, we don't want to scare them, and yet we want the truth to be known," said Amanda St. Clair, volunteer for the foundation.

The Harringtons believe the suspect is a predator and still in the Charlottesville area. Three years ago someone took Morgan. Parents say now's the moment to capture the suspect.

"This is the third year. Three is a number of completion. Let's complete this job. It's time," said Gil Harrington, Morgan's mom.

If you believe Morgan Harrington's story is a teachable moment for your daughter or granddaughter, click here for more on the foundation in Morgan's honor.