Three Supervisors Write Resolution Against Uranium Mining

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Tuesday night, three Pittsylvania County Supervisors announced they were taking up a resolution of their own in the uranium mining debate.

Each drafted a resolution opposing uranium mining and plan to present them to officials statewide.

This comes just two weeks after the board decided not to vote on a proposed anti-uranium resolution.

Marshall Ecker received a standing ovation at the October 1 meeting where he presented an anti-uranium mining resolution. But when the board decided to table the vote, Ecker came up with plan B.

"I was able to find out through our county administrator what route I could take, and I had inquired about sending a resolution from my district and I was told that was no problem," said Ecker.

Ecker represents the Staunton District. He reached out to fellow mining opposers Jerry Hagerman and Jessie Barksdale. Each drafted their own resolutions.

"We just wanted everyone to know that everyone is not for uranium mining, and we thought that was the best and fastest way to get it done," said Hagerman.

Board Chairman Tim Barber said he hopes to vote on an official resolution in early November. He wouldn't comment directly on the supervisors' decision.

But all three say they didn't want to take a chance on this issue slipping through the cracks.

"Hopefully wasn't good enough for us. It was just a simple fact. Time was running out. We wanted our feelings and our fears known," said Hagerman.

"The safety and health and welfare of the's my responsibility as a supervisor to do as much as I can to protect them," said Ecker.