Three Henry County Runners Competing in NC Triathlon

Henry Co., VA - Three Henry County residents are preparing to run, bike and swim more than 120 miles in an upcoming triathlon.

For one of them, his personal goals have inspired him to encourage the entire community to get fit.
Brad Kinkema is one of three locals heading down to North Carolina for the Beach 2 Battleship triathlon.
He is also the CEO of the Martinsville-Henry County YMCA.
Now, as he prepares for the event, he is working to incorporate new programs at the Y to help others see how easy it can be to achieve their fitness goals.
"I started running marathons probably about 10 years ago and got a little bored with just running so a buddy of mine said, 'Hey, how about we try triathlons?'," said Kinkema.
He and his two partners are gearing up for Saturday's triathlon, which includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles of biking and a 6.5 mile run.
When Kinkema first approached Richard Reed about a triathlon, he was worried because he couldn't swim.
"Going into the deep, I didn't know how to float or how to swim at all so I was nervous, but I knew I was at point A and wanted to be at point B so I was willing and determined to do it," said Reed.
Kinkema is hoping to spread his enthusiasm for running and biking to YMCA members with new programs at the Martinsville location.
"We have probably about seven different races throughout the year and we also have something called the Bike Barn which utilizes the Dick and Willie trail over here in which people can check out a bike and ride it up on the trail," said Kinkema.
For those who want to get in shape but feel like they could never complete a hundred mile race, Kinkema says with proper training and commitment, nothing is impossible.
"Set some goals and some of them may seem sort of crazy to say, "Man, I want to run a marathon", but if you keep consistently at it, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish."
Kinkema said that the Martinsville Y has flexible options for folks on a fixed income and a Doctor's Orders program that allows anyone with a doctor's recommendation for more exercise to have a 3 month membership at just $10 a month.