Thousands Still Without Power in the New River Valley

Pulaski Co, VA - For some 6,000 people in the New River Valley, Monday Night will be yet another night without electricity, as a cold blast is set to move through the area.

By the smile on his face, you wouldn't think Richard Graham and his family have been suffering for four days now.

"Rough.... aggravating," Graham said.

No power: something that isn't passing well for his 18-year-old daughter, Hannah, either.

"No cell phone. Less cooking. Cooking on kerosene heaters. Sleeping with no power, in the dark. No TV," Hannah said.

Thousands across the New River Valley, including some 7% of all Appalachian Power customers in Pulaski are still in the dark going into a fifth day.

"A day or two's not bad but when it gets to be this long it's getting to be a little stressful, a little tiring," Graham said.

To make matters worse for the area, the power outage fouled up the county's water supply, forcing thousands more to rely on bottled water as a boil ban is in effect.

The Grahams are enduring that as well, using water from a nearby creek to flush the toilet, plus bottled and spring water for everything else.

"Cold bath, short bath, sponge bath... whatever you want to call it," Graham said.

To make matters worse, the Grahams' generator died Sunday night.

"And now they are calling for a cold spell so if that happens my water will probably freeze, water lines will break and then I'll be in real bad shape," Graham said.

The Grahams live in the Hiwassee section of Pulaski County where they were hoping to be back on the grid by Monday Night.

Appalachian Power's website is showing that folks in the New River Valley, except for Floyd County, will likely not be back online until Tuesday evening.