Thousands of SciFi Lovers Unite at MystiCon Convention in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Thousands of sci-fi lovers came out to the MystiCon convention at the Holiday Inn in Roanoke Saturday.

The three day event is bringing together gamers, horror and fantasy fans from all over.

"We love Star Wars and Star Trek and Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica. And we love reading and we love horrors and we loves games, so why not have them all under one roof," said Carla Brindle, the president of MystiCon.

Artists, authors and gamers came out to the convention. And of course, fans showed off their costumes.

Peter Davison is this year's special guest. He was the fifth doctor on the BBC sci-fi show "Doctor Who" from 1981 to 1984. He says he loves coming out to chat with fans both old and new.

"I always thought that sci-fi fathom is a great kind of family. And it's extremely tolerant family. And it comes with all sorts of weird and wonderful people," said Davison.

"They're interesting and they're creative. If you walk our halls, you're not going to see one person that you think looks boring," said Brindle.

It's not boring at all; In fact, it's quite educational.

"This projects a heat beam to stop my opponents," said Stephen Chapman as he showed off his gadgets.

"Does that kill people?" we asked.

"Yes!" he responded.

The convention also has several panels and workshops. Many say the best part is learning from each other and appreciating the different genres of sci-fi.

"There's a real power when you have that many like-minded people in one spot," said Chapman.

"Anything goes and it just supports people's creativity," said David Lee, a steampunk maker.

Saturday's event sold out around 1 p.m., and the hotel is completely full for the convention.