Thousands of First-Year Students Moving Into Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA - Right now, thousands of freshmen are moving into Liberty University. There are roughly 3,000 first-time freshman, making it the largest move-in day in the school's history.

Wendy Lee felt like it was the first day of kindergarten.

"I feel like he's a kid again and the bus is coming and he's not ready. And I was like, the bus is coming!"

Her first-born's a freshman studying aviation, and classes begin Monday.

"The fact that it's a private Christian college and they have exactly what I'm looking for, it was a perfect fit," said Austin Lee.

It's another year and another big move for more than just students Chris Johnson is the Senior Vice President of Enrollment for Liberty University.

"This will be the largest undergraduate class in the history of Liberty University," said Johnson.

The Merrill family drove all the way from Florida to get an early start to the school year. This is just one of many moves the student leadership team will do.

"There will literally be hundreds and hundreds of administrators and staff members helping these students move in today. And that's something that's about the culture of Liberty University, that no one moves in alone," he said.

For parents or students in need of a superman Look no further than the admissions office.

"Thank you for calling Liberty University's office of admissions. How can I help you?"

From changing your schedule to finding your way around campus, there are dozens of people waiting with answers.

"You've got a lot of panic. Where do we get from here to there? How do we find our dorm?" said Matthew Hockensmith, an admissions counselor.