Thousands Come to D-Day Memorial for 70th Anniversary Ceremony

Bedford, VA - Today thousands of people are making the the trip to Bedford's National D-Day Memorial to remember the 70th anniversary of the invasion.Planning for today's event started a little more than a year ago. Crowds started filing into the National D-Day Memorial early this morning.

Among them are dignitaries from around the country, and from allied countries around the world. Representatives from France, Canada, Poland, and the British Embassy joined forces to lay wreaths around the Memorial, honoring D-Day Units. Memorial President April Cheek Messier says that it's an emotional, but exciting day for all in attendance.

"We've planning this for over a year and a half. It's wonderful that our D-Day Veterans have arrived. We have close to 300 D-Day Veterans here in attendance today. They're all excited. What a beautiful day, what a historic occasion this is to have so many D-Day veterans in one place. It's wonderful," said Cheek-Messier.

Senator Tim Kaine and Rep. Robert Hurt are among the local officials speaking to the packed crowd.

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