Thieves Steal Tires Right off Truck

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg police are looking for whoever stole thousands of dollars worth of tires last week.

Police say it happened either late Wednesday or early Thursday at Truck Enterprises of Lynchburg.

Police the thieves would have needed high tech machinery to commit the crime, leading workers to believe the thieves are experienced.

This most recent incident isn't the first time service centers in Central Virginia have been targeted recently.

"This is our first, we've never had an issue here," said Service Manager Barry Layne, who's worked at his job for five years.

Never had thieves steal tires right off a vehicle waiting to be serviced, until Thursday morning.

"One of my techs was over there. I started talking to him. I looked at the truck and noticed the tires and wheels were missing," Layne said.

In the tire's place were landscaping timbers. They were stacked up underneath the brand new semi, just brought in for a pre-delivery inspection.

"Looked over there and saw a hole cut through the fence. That's what we found. First thing we did was call police," Layne said.

Police found blood, DNA, and two more holes cut through the chain link fence.

Layne believes it would have taken more than one person to carry the tires, and whoever did it was experienced.

"These lug nuts are torqued at 450 pounds a piece. So, you didn't take them off with a small wrench," Layne said. "They knew what they wanted. They came in. They took exactly what they wanted and left."

Thieves have struck some of Truck Enterprises's other locations in Central Virginia.

"The Roanoke shop was broken into a few months back, same thing - tires. I believe Richmond was broken into six months back," Layne added.

Many say the reason is because the market for large truck tires is strong right now.

"Every time the oil prices go up, tires go up," Layne said.