The Winner Depends on the Poll

Lynchburg, VA - Every week, every debate in this election brings a new batch of polls. Many have Virginia's Senate and Presidential elections neck-and-neck.

It's hard to see a clear winner at this point. It depends on the issue you're looking at.

Take the latest Quinnipiac polling for example said: For Virginia voters, Obama wins on healthcare, but Romney wins on the deficit.

Friday, we dug deeper and went to the voters themselves.

At Chopper's On The Avenue, we brought up the election. Greg Marshall's been cutting hair here as long as Obama's been President. He'd give the President another four years.

"Anything worth fighting for, it's just not going to happen overnight," said Marshall.

Political Science Professor Steve Bragaw weighs in on the first Vice Presidential debate. His take: no one lost, and "no knock out punch."

"Biden had to put some life into the campaign after the disastrous performance that the President had the week before. And Ryan had to show that he was Presidential, and keep his cool and they both did what they needed to do," said Bragaw.

But what will Ryan and Biden will do for the polls? It's too early to tell. The newest Quinnipiac polling in Virginia has Obama beating Romney on healthcare by 12 points, and Romney beating Obama on the deficit by 8.

Cris Hamilton says no way the President's getting re-elected.

"Not a chance. A lot of people who voted for him either aren't voting at all or voting the other way," said Cris.

Back at Chopper's, Drequan Mabins will vote for the first time this November. Now, one presidential and one vice presidential debate under his belt, Mabins says he wants to see the President get a second term.

"I would like to see him get another four years," said Mabins.

Hard to pick a winner. Ask Virginia voters who is a strong leader, and Romney wins. But who cares about their needs and problems? Obama. The next test: a town-hall style debate this Tuesday.