The Search for Alexis Murphy : A Timeline

Nelson Co., VA - Alexis Murphy disappeared on August 3 without a trace. That's when the spotlight turned to Nelson County, and the search for the 17-year-old.

ABC 13 has been sorting through the case, and our own Carleigh Griffeth put together a timeline to put everything in perspective.

When the case first opened in August, it was as hot as a summer day. Now, as we enter November, the case is getting colder.

Day 1: Saturday, August 3: Alexis Murphy leaves her Shipman home, telling her parents she's headed to Lynchburg to go shopping. She never makes it there. Her parents cannot reach her.

Day 3: The Nelson County Sheriff's Office calls a news conference to announce that Alexis is missing. Multiple agencies, including the FBI and State Police, are searching for her. Later that night we learn Alexis was last seen at the Liberty Gas Station in Lovingston.

The next night, Alexis' car is found abandoned in the Carmike Cinema parking lot just outside of the Charlottesville city limits, 39 miles north of the Liberty Gas Station, and only half a mile from a consignment shop where she worked.

Day 5: At a news conference, Alexis' family makes a plea for her safe return, and sends her a message.

"Alexis if you're out there, and you can hear us, just know that your family loves you," said Trina Murphy, Alexis' aunt.

The next day, officials release images of Alexis from surveillance video at the Liberty Gas Station. Also, we learn private property on Cannery Loop has been searched. The property owner tells us the land off Route 29 was the last place Alexis' cell phone pinged before it went inactive.

Day 9: Late that evening, Randy Taylor, 48, was arrested and charged with her abduction.

The next morning, investigators release more information about Taylor's arrest at his home in the 10000 block of Thomas Nelson Highway. Taylor's property, just across from Cannery Loop, is swarmed by officials and his truck is taken into custody.

Day 11: Investigators tell ABC 13 that Taylor was also seen on Liberty Gas Station surveillance cameras the night Alexis went missing. Taylor also appears in court for his arraignment.

Day 14: Officials announce they have found several cell phones during their search for Alexis. They are testing them to see if one is hers.

Day 20: Randy Taylor is denied bond and his case is set to go before a grand jury on September 24.

Day 32: Investigators confirm one of the cell phones they found belongs to Alexis, but we're not told when or where it was found.

Day 51: A turn in the case when a new person of interest is announced. Officials say they found and questioned the man Randy Taylor says was the last person to see Alexis. Investigators say Taylor is still their main suspect, though.

Day 53: Taylor is indicted.

Day 58: Crews from across the state gather to search a piece of private property in Nelson County.

Day 75: The Nelson County Sheriff's Office asks hunters to be on the lookout for anything unusual, from a piece of clothing, to a pile of dirt.

Day 82: Taylor pleads not guilty and his trial date is set for February 3. The Commonwealth's Attorney announces plans to call 50 witnesses. The judge sets aside two weeks for the jury trial.

"We had and have, continue to have the best team possible assembled to find Alexis and to bring Randy Taylor to justice. And that's exactly what's gonna happen," said Trina Murphy.

Investigators are still searching for her Alexis. But they need your help too. If you have any information about Alexis' disappearance, call the Nelson County Sheriff's Office at (434) 263-7050.

No tip about her disappearance is too small.